Our Story

We are parents just like many, who saw the necessity of screens in our lives, but hated how often we had to use it to entertain our children. To add to that stress, we saw our kids becoming dependent, if not addicted to them.

Then one day, we observed the solution...Kids need to be given inspiration to use their imagination to transport them to whole other worlds. 

Our children got simple kid's meal toys from their favorite video game. When we returned home, we were stunned they had no desire to play that video game. They were lost in a world of their own where they were creating, calling the shots and playing with each other. This lasted for more than a week and we knew we had to keep that going.

We couldn't just stop there though. It has become our mission to create, find and source high-quality products that can immerse children in a world of creativity and play, from toys and games to room decor.

We appreciate you letting us share this powerful tool to get the best kind of growth and development for your kids. 

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